Digital progress changes work trends

Hakim Hayat

The unprecedented impact of digital technologies on business, society and economies is changing the way work is done and delivered. To succeed in this disruptive environment, organisations will need to offer compelling new experiences, establish new focus, build new expertise and devise new ways of working.

This was the theme at Client Engagement – Digital Transformation 2019 seminar organised by BS Syscom (B) Sdn Bhd at Radisson Hotel in the capital on Monday.

BS Syscom Operations Manager Jerry Chin said that the application of the right digital technologies would help empower clients to improve processes, reach new markets and scale their business.

“Over 50 clients from government ministries and statutory body, oil and gas, and corporate banking heard from experts from IBM on how digital technologies can help them reinvent and reimagine how work is done, how organisations can operate in future and how customer engagement and experience can be enriched,” he added.

Among the topics covered at the event were IBM Cloud Paks, IBM Power AI Vision and IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services.

Participants in a group photo. PHOTO: HAKIM HAYAT

According to IBM Malaysia Cloud Technical Manager and Software Client Architect Eddie Liew, clients can simplify and automate how organisations deliver insights from their data and provide an open and extensible architecture to virtualise data for AI up to 430 per cent faster with Cloud Pak for Data.

Cloud Pak for Applications to help businesses modernise, build, deploy and run applications. It helped IBM customers in the fintech sector reduce development time by 84 per cent. Cloud Pak for Integration can help integrate apps, data, cloud services and APIs. It is designed to eliminate 33 per cent of integration costs.

Cloud Pak for Automation to help transform business processes, decisions and content. A banking client was able to reduce manual processes by 80 per cent.

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to provide multicloud visibility, governance and automation. It was able to help clients reduce operational expenses of supporting large-scale cloud-native environments by 75 per cent.

Key highlights walkthrough on IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business together with industries use cases to power your digital business with automation. Incorporating a host of tools, from machine learning to robotic process automation, the integrated IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is designed to improve employee productivity, deliver better end-to-end customer journeys while reducing the burden of governing your content and processes. Use of automation to scale your business operations to enhance customer experiences, reduce cost, and improve the speed and quality of work. Automated business processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology introduce a way to drive efficiency and deliver better experience to business users and end customer gain the adoption to easily automate individual, relatively simple tasks that would otherwise be handled manually.

IBM ASEAN Technical Sales Lead for Cognitive Systems Gilbert Thomas said that IBM PowerAI Vision was developed with the aim of making computer vision more accessible to business users. IBM clients have leveraged IBM PowerAI Vision to enable their subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models using a highly intuitive toolset without any coding or deep learning expertise. Organisations without data scientists can now use PowerAI Vision to create highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and video, allowing them to automate labour-intensive visual tasks such as defect detection, counting of objects of interest and x-ray scanning and also demonstrate the application of AI across different industries.