Daisy Ridley: I was left in utter fear by stalkers

BANG! NEWS – Daisy Ridley was left in “utter fear” by stalkers.

The 27-year-old actress – who plays the role of Rey in the Star Wars franchise – has become one of Hollywood’s most recognisable stars in recent years, but she’s also experienced the darker side of fame.

Daisy explained, “I’ve had a couple of stalking incidents and absolutely nothing can prepare you for the absolute fear you feel.

“The first one was in New York a couple of years back when this really big guy followed me back to my hotel late at night. I didn’t know if he was just an obsessive fan or somebody with bad intentions, but any girl is going to be freaked out.

“I started screaming and he ran away. But I can remember the utter fear that came over me.

“I had to have some therapy after that, it really scared me.”

Daisy has occasionally wondered what her life would’ve become if she hadn’t been cast as Rey.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Daisy explained, “I wouldn’t change my Star Wars experience for the world, but you do wonder, ‘Would this have happened if I wasn’t in the films?’

Star Wars is the biggest franchise on the planet, and you know when you are a part of something so big that life is going to change.

“You mentally prepare yourself that you aren’t going to be able to go out for dinner, to a bar or to the cinema like you used to. But there are certain things you can never prepare yourself for.

“You’ll still find me at home with a nice cup of tea and a box set. What upsets me more than anything is how it has affected my family.

“We went to a wedding all together recently and a lot of the other guests were really rude to me.

“I was a guest, just like any other at a wedding.

“But because people were weird with me, my mum had a bad time, my sisters had a bad time.

“When the attention on me starts to affect my family I get really upset.”