Company, individuals fined for illegal dumping

James Kon

Two individuals and one company caught disposing rubbish in public areas were fined by the personnel of Law Enforcement Unit of Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department during operations on December 12-14.

Thammarat Thomthong from Thailand received a BND100 compound fine for throwing cigarette butts behind a commercial building in Kiarong while Achmad Saiful Anam of Indonesia received a compound fine of BND100 for throwing rubbish at the alley of Jalan Jintan Manis, BSB, a violation of Minor Offences Act, Section 12(1) chapter 30.

Meanwhile Tati’s Catering Services received a compound fine of BND200 for throwing rubbish in a public area in Kiarong. They were given seven days to settle their fines, failing which the matter will be referred to the courts.

If the fines are not settled within the stipulated time frame, the guilty parties will each be given a further fine of BND1,000 or a month’s imprisonment for the first convicted offence. For subsequent offences, a BND3,000 fine or imprisonment of not more than three months will be imposed.

Members of the public and business owners are reminded to properly dispose unwanted items at designated areas.

To lodge complaints on illegal dumping or abandoned vehicles, contact Darussalam line at 123, or email [email protected], or via WhatsApp at 8333123.