Brace for floods, evacuate when ordered: Kelantan police

KOTA BHARU (Bernama) – Residents in low lying and flood prone-areas in Kelantan have been advised to prepare for a second wave of floods that is expected to hit on December 25 – 26.

Kelantan Police Chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said although the situation was now back to normal and temporary evacuation centres (PPS) closed, residents must constantly be on alert as the flood season is not over.

“We are advising everyone, especially those with young children, senior citizens and expectant mothers to always be prepared for evacuation orders, as we do not want a situation where there are those who refuse to move as this would hamper rescue operations.

“This sort of attitude must change as it makes things difficult for themselves and the rescue teams,” he said when met by reporters at an event to celebrate the retirement of officers, personnel and civil service staff of the Kelantan police contingent.

Hasanuddin said during the first wave of floods last week, there were residents who refused to evacuate despite their homes inundated by flood waters higher than one metre. Wanting to safeguard their belongings and being used to flood situations were among the reasons given, he said, adding that such attitude only courted danger for the occupants.

“The Fire and Rescue Department and the Civil Defence Force sometimes had to coax these residents to move,” he said.