Athens police clear suspected anarchists from squats

ATHENS (AFP) – Police in Athens yesterday cleared buildings occupied by suspected anarchists in an ongoing law-and-order campaign that has raised tensions with far-left groups, state media said.

All three operations were in the Athens district of Koukaki, an area popular with tourists by virtue of its proximity to the Acropolis and other archaeological sites.

In two cases, residents inside threw objects and furniture at the police, who responded with flash grenades and tear gas, the state news agency ANA said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries. In November, the minister for police gave anarchists a two-week ultimatum to abandon squats, part of a crackdown by the new conservative government that came to power in July.

Several squats have been cleared in recent months, some of them housing refugee families with no other accommodation.

The move has sparked tension with Greek far-left groups and street protests.

Earlier this week, authorities said they had dismantled a makeshift bomb placed near an Athens police station.