Armed robber gets seven years, 12 strokes

Fadley Faisal

The Intermediate Court yesterday sentenced a local man to seven years’ imprisonment and 12 strokes of the cane, after he pleaded guilty to committing armed robbery.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Raihan Nabilah bin Haji Ahmad Ghazali’s facts of the case stated that Abdul Rashid bin Simat, 27, was armed with a knife when he entered the female prayer room at a building in Jalan Batu Satu at 6.50pm, on November 17.

Stealthily, he picked up a handbag and was about to leave, when the owner suddenly screamed and ran towards him.

The defendant took out his knife and told the woman to keep quiet, but she began screaming again at the sight of the weapon.

To muffle her cries, he grabbed the woman’s neck and covered her mouth. When she fell to the floor, he struck her on the head with his hand that still held the knife.

In the ensuing scuffle, the blade of the knife became dislodged from the handle, and the victim’s shouts brought her father to the prayer room.

The victim’s father attempted to hit the defendant, to make him release his hold on her, but the defendant managed to avoid the blow. Dropping the handbag and knife, the defendant fled the scene. The victim’s father tried to give chase, but was unable to catch up. The incident was reported to the police, resulting in the defendant’s arrest.

Judge Pengiran Masni binti Pengiran Haji Bahar considered the aggravating factors of the robbery, as well as the mitigating circumstances leading to the court’s decision.