Archaeologists in Greece find 3,500-year-old royal tombs

ATHENS, GREECE (AP) — American archaeologists have discovered two monumental royal tombs dating from about 3,500 years ago near a major Mycenaean-era palace in Greece’s southern Peloponnese region, the Greek Culture Ministry said on Tuesday.

A ministry statement said the dome-shaped roofs of both tombs near the Bronze Age palace of Pylos collapsed during antiquity, and the chambers became filled with so much earth and rubble that grave robbers couldn’t get in to plunder them.

Nevertheless, the tombs were disturbed during the period of their use over several generations — unlike another Mycenaean grave found nearby in 2015 that yielded a stunning hoard of gold and silver treasure, jewellery and bronze arms buried with a man presumed to have been an early ruler of Pylos.

An aerial view is seen of a 3,500-year-old tomb discovered near the southwestern Greek town of Pylos. PHOTO: AP