Al-Quran reading should be practised daily: Champion Qariah

Izah Azahari

The youth of Brunei should learn to understand and study the field of Al-Quran reading with a teacher, not by oneself, because it is very important to have guidance to know one’s mistakes and where to correct it. Reading Al-Quran should also be practised daily rather than just waiting for contests to read.

This was stated by the champion Qariah of the 9th Southeast Asian Youth Al-Quran Reading Competition for 1441 Hijrah/2019 Dayangku Siti Ummi Syazana binti Pengiran Haji Marjuki from Brunei Darussalam last night during an interview with the Bulletin.

She added that she is thankful to Allah the Almighty for this blessing, and was also thankful to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) for all the workshops that were conducted prior to the beginning of the competition as it brought many experienced Al-Quran tutors.

“I also carried out my own preparations such as looking for personal tutors as well as lessons from my own brother,” said Dayangku Siti Ummi Syazana. “My hope is that with this win it will improve myself and become a starting point for me to dive further into the field of reading Al-Quran.”

Meanwhile, Champion Qari Kamaruddin G Zaidon from the Philippines said that before coming to Brunei to compete in the competition, he practised reading Al-Quran within certain durations.

Expressing his happiness over his title win, Kamaruddin hoped to explore more in future reading competitions.

Champion Qari and Qariah Kamaruddin G Zaidon and Dayangku Siti Ummi Syazana binti Pengiran Haji Marjuki. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR