Adam Driver to cut back on work

Adam Driver plans to work less as it is difficult to go away from his wife and son for long periods of time.

The Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker actor admitted it is growing increasingly difficult to leave home for long periods of time now his and wife Joanne Tucker’s three-year-old son is getting older so he’ll only take on new projects if he thinks they are “worth it”.

He said, “I’m trying to not work a lot. The stakes are different now. It really has to be worth it, because you have to be gone a lot.”

Adam admitted he needs more time away from work to “be a person” because he gets so focussed on his work.

He told Rolling Stone magazine, “(I have) a problem with multitasking – I see one thing and obsess about that thing until it’s over. (It) can be helpful sometimes. It’s also a hamster wheel of wasted energy.”

The 36-year-old actor was recently given a Silver Medallion award for acting greatness at the Telluride Film Festival from his Silence Director Martin Scorsese and he feels pressure from the accolade.

He explained, “I mean, actually what I thought is, ‘Oh, well, now there’s something to live up to’.” The Marriage Story actor used to be in the Marines but was honourably discharged after suffering an injury when he plummeted down a steep cliff at high speed on a mountain bike. And Adam thinks his experience was quite common to other members of the military.

He explained, “That’s just the way that Marines are off-hours. Most injuries happen for Marines when they’re off base.

“You’re going to Oceanside and getting in fights or going to Tijuana, being chased by the militia. Your job involves a lot of adrenaline, so you seek it in other ways.”