Progresif announces 4G+ access

James Kon

Progresif Cellular subscribers will soon be able to enjoy the 4G+ Internet access on their mobile devices.

In a statement released yesterday, Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd announced the pending launch of 4G+ access for all customers, signalling the first of a number of changes that will define what’s new and what’s next for Progresif and the ICT sector in Brunei.

Since its launch in late 2014,Progresif has seen exponential growth with its customer base increasing from 20K up to 200K by mid-2019.

Over that time,Progresif has delivered on its promise to bring innovation through a suite of diversified products and services, and a number of firsts for the Sultanate with its expansion into FinTech, media and entertainment.

A few milestones include Brunei’s first Mobile Wallet by a telco, Mobile Radio Station and its event promotion and ticketing portal, Progresif events.

Following the announcement and formation of Unified National Networks (UNN), there has been much anticipation of what is to come for consumers. While the public has been made aware of anticipated benefits, there has been little information to date on the specifics of the enhancements to come.

Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd announced the pending launch of 4G+ access for customers. PHOTO: PROGRESIF CELLULAR

“Progresif has always been more than just a mobile provider. Our mission statement since day one is about connecting people and empowering them.

“This next evolution of our business helps us to take the next critical steps in delivering even greater innovation, while providing world class services backed by a stronger and growing network,” said Acting Chief Executive Officer of Progresif Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Jaafar.

“Our customers’ support on this journey will allow us to give back even more to the community through our products and services and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. We are excited to be bringing 4G+ to our loyal customers and look forward to welcoming so many more in the coming months,” she added.

From the Gadong Headquarters, Progresif announced the first of a number of upcoming developments for network users, delivering the news that soon every Progresif customer will have access to the newly upgraded 4G+ network. Progresif announced that the testing began two weeks ago and will be extended to all staff this week.

Corporate Communications Manager Hafiza binti Mohamad said, “With the upgrade to 4G+, customers can look forward to network speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. During testing we have seen average speeds between 25-30Mbps and as high as 80Mbps.

Some of the changes that can be expected include new mobile plans that will alter the prices and payment structures and deliver greater value across an expanding suite of products, including Fibre Broadband to the home, public Wi-Fi access and a new content streaming app, Progresif Media, that will host the best of local, regional and Hollywood films, video and audio content, as well as many new, soon to be announced, developments.