40 Batu Pahat families hit

BATU PAHAT (BERNAMA) – Forty families in the Parit Sulong area were hit by flash and mud floods last Sunday after two hours of heavy downpour.

The flash and mud floods following the heavy rain, which started at 3.45pm, affected six villages – Kampong Parit Betong, Parit Abdul Rahman, Parit Abdul Hadi, Parit Ju, Kampong Kangkar Merlimau and Kampong Mohd Noor.

A resident, Siti Nur Anifeasila Tukaman, 33, said when the heavy rain took place she was resting after returning home from a wedding in a nearby village.

She said the flash and mud floods had occurred several times this year with the incident last Sunday being the worst resulting in a knee-level inundation. ‘’The incident of flood is taking place more often in the last two years especially after the garbage disposal dump in Bukit Payong, from my house, become operational, other than drainage problems.

‘’The flood water rose very fast and my house was filled with water in a mere 10 minutes and I was helpless,’’ she said when met by Bernama at her house in Kampong Mohd Noor yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Batu Pahat district is the first to be affected by floods in the state. Fifty-four victims from 13 families were moved to Sekolah Agama Seri Comel. They were from Kampong Parit Betong, Kampong Parit Abdul Hadi and Kampong Parit Ju.