Water problems at IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus hostel

I would like to raise my concern on the lack of clean water at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Nakhoda Ragam Campus hostel.

With the lack of clean water, students staying at the campus’ hostel have issues in their daily activities such as showering and laundry.

This problem needs to be tackled immediately as it affects their comfort. Students have to bring water from outside the hostel building using buckets and empty bottles for daily use.

However, the pipe outside sometimes have little to no water. This could be because of the water tanks being unable to accommodate the students’ daily usage.

I hope the authorities can look into this matter and perhaps also check the campus for any maintenance needed.

Clean water needed

The writer raises the plight of students at the IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus hostel