Tutong roadblocks net 17 offences

Izah Azahari

Seventeen compound fines were issued by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) during the weekly roadblock operation organised by the Lamunin Police Station and Tutong Police Station recently.

Inspector Md Zulfadli bin Haji Yusof led the operation with 13 personnel from Lamunin Police Station that focussed on Simpang 4 of Kampong Lamunin/Layong area.

The operation resulted in the issue of six compound offences such as not wearing the safety-belt and the installation of tinted plastic film adhesives on vehicle windows.

Meanwhile, 16 personnel from Tutong Police Station carried out the operation that focussed on Kampong Kupang area. Eleven compound offences were found such as car modifications, tyres with exposed threads and unsound vehicles.

The RBPF will continue to carry out operations to ensure that road users fully comply with road regulations as well as to detect, track and arrest individuals attempting to commit crimes in the country.

RBPF personnel with offenders caught in a roadblock. PHOTO: RBPF