To the Forest and Beyond!

Amal Rusali

Nine students from Class Year 9 Fast Science participated in the 7th Green Leaders Camp. The camp was organised by Green Brunei from August 5 to August 8. This year’s theme focused on climate change with the hashtag “#ThinkClimate”. One of the main objectives of this camp was to enable participants to critically assess environmental issues in Brunei and find possible solutions.

Many activities and field trips were carried out such as witnessing the wildlife living amidst the mangrove forests, visiting the Kunyit 7 Lodge where participants learnt the importance of upcycling and conducting a climate change campaign at Bandarku Ceria. “I learnt more about the environment,” Humaira, a participant, enthused. “As I got to know more about the environment, more possible solutions came to mind.”

Later in the camp, the participants were put into groups to discuss viable solutions they could contribute to saving the environment.

The students learnt the benefits of working as a team. Initially it was overwhelming, but the students were able to work with different people with diverse opinions.

On the last day, the participants were given the chance to relay any questions regarding climate change to the panel of Ministers. Participants were also given the opportunity to pitch their project ideas to all the groups. One of the projects ideas put forth is the ‘Bring Your Own Utensil’ Campaign. “A habit that stays starts from young,” a group member, proclaimed. “Imagine how normal and common it would be for our future generation to say no to plastics if we start now.”

Currently, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Secondary School is running their ‘Bring Your Own Utensils (B YOU)’ Campaign pilot project with the Year 7s. This campaign has obtained the support of many and the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe), Ministry of Development has graciously gifted students with 130 containers and utensils for the pilot project. A ceremony was held where JASTRe presented the reusable utensils to the students on October 12. Students are encouraged to begin B YOU as soon as possible.

Students before the tree-planting activity at Berakas Forest Reserve