Thief who drove away with SUV to learn fate soon

Fadley Faisal

A local man yesterday pleaded guilty in the Magistrate’s Court to a charge of auto theft, with an enhanced punishment for being convicted of the same offence last year.

Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu is considering a fitting punishment for 22-year-old Mat Sukarin bin Muhammad and will hand down sentence on October 26.

Prosecutor Hajah ‘Adzimah Mukarramah binti Haji Salleh’s facts of the case states that the unemployed defendant was riding his bicycle in the vicinity of Simpang 327 in Jalan Bengkurong Masin at 8.15am on October 21, 2019, when a man had driven to the area to assist a friend who needed tools to repair a vehicle.

He exited the car and left his SUV engine running. The defendant saw this, parked his bicycle and got into the SUV. He rammed into the bicycle and drove off.

The SUV owner heard the crash and went outside, to find that the defendant had driven off.

The SUV owner called his colleagues to keep a lookout for his SUV, while another colleague called the police.

The defendant drove to the capital and stopped at a traffic light. The SUV owner’s colleague (riding a motorcycle), spotted the vehicle and stopped beside the defendant.

The colleague knocked on the SUV window. The defendant locked the doors and drove off when the lights turned green.

The colleague gave chase until he lost track of the defendant in Kampong Pengkalan Batu.

The defendant continued driving to Kampong Lumapas when he noticed a mobile phone on the arm rest beside him and threw it away believing that it might have its GPS on.

As he continued driving to Kampong Kasat, another colleague of the SUV owner tracked the defendant and followed him.

The defendant realised this and as the colleague tried overtaking, he accidentally hit the SUV.

The defendant speeded up, leaving the colleague behind. He stopped at a laundry shop, alighted the SUV and ran into the nearby jungle.

Soon after, the defendant saw policemen entering the jungle and immediately surrendered.

On record, the defendant possesses convictions for offences of theft between 2016 to 2018.