Talk to discuss environmental impact caused by fashion industry

Aziz Idris

Fast-changing trends and low prices have allowed people to consume more.

According to the World Resources Institute, the average consumer purchases 60 per cent more items of clothing compared to 2000, but each garment is kept half as long.

With such a massive growth, fast fashion is also one of the biggest contributors to carbon emission, water pollution and landfill waste.

To highlight the matter, Green Brunei is organising a panel discussion titled ‘Fashion The Change: Making Sustainable Fashion Matter,’ where local designers and fashion bloggers will share their thoughts and experiences on sustainable fashion.

Among the panellists are Nabeela Fadzil, Instagram content creator and creative director of In Your LMN; Aisyah Azlan of Etah Studio and Rasyeedah ‘Bob’ Samid of Pins and Needles Brunei.

The panel will be moderated by Co-founder of Seni Moda Nasroul Hizam.

They will also share views as designers and consumers as well as ideas on the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry and what can the public do to make a difference.

“The aim of this event is to raise awareness on sustainable fashion as it is a relatively new evolution, in the hopes of making people more conscious when it comes to choosing the clothes they buy and wear,” said Project Leader of Fashion The Change, Nina Hasnani of Green Brunei.

The event will be held at Level 3, Progresif Headquarters on October 18 at 7pm.

It is open to public and entrance is free.