Students showcase technological skills

Daniel Lim

Students of Politeknik Brunei (PB) School of Science and Engineering (SSE) at the Lumut Campus showcased the use of technologies to improve everyday lives. This was part of their Project Approach in Enhancing Skills, Creativity and Innovation (PASCI) 2019 yesterday.

This year, 329 students participated in the programme themed ‘Road Trip to PASCI Exhibition.’

The programme encouraged students to apply critical thinking in creating solutions to challenges identified by students during the project research phase.

Representatives from various industries toured the event and observed the students’ projects.

PB Director and guest of honour Denis Ho Mun Tai officiated.

PB Director Denis Ho Mun Tai visits a booth. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

PASCI 2019 Chairperson Noorbaidzayanie binti Kamis said the vision and mission of the PASCI has always been to empower students to acquire real-world knowledge through knowledge-exchange between students.

“In the 21st Century and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – which embraces the latest advancements in technologies, I am confident and optimistic that the exhibitions can help carry out a clear message that our students’ work play a vital role in driving progress, sparking the next generation of leaders,” she added.

A video outlining the various objectives and aspects of PASCI was also played.

The booths set up by students showcased their implementation of problem-solving technologies. They were also judged based on their projects.

The exhibition continues until 3.30pm today.

Members of the public can visit the over 100 projects demonstrating student ingenuity in implementing and developing problem-solving technologies.