Seminar raises knowledge on engineering works

Danial Norjidi

A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminar entitled ‘Overview on Application and Design of Load Transfer Platform’ was held at The Empire Hotel & Country Club yesterday.

An estimated 200 participants attended the seminar, conducted by Jorg Klompmaker, a Geotechnical Consultant from Germany with over 20 years of experience in providing training on the applications and design of Geosynthetics solutions in Brunei.

Two main topics were covered – application and selection criteria for Load Transfer Platform (LTP), as well as an overview on its design and implementation.

The seminar aimed for engineers who are involved in the design of roads, geotechnical foundations and embankments, as well as other civil engineering works on soft ground, such as sewage and water works.

The event was hosted by Naue Asia Sdn Bhd & CTech Sdn Bhd, a local company providing supply and installation services, as well as Engineering solutions. Established in 1998, the company has been specialising in various fields of work including structural and civil engineering, hardware and software solution for hospitality and retail industry, residential and domestic improvements and other customisable solutions. Institute of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA) Brunei, the country’s very own institution responsible for fostering and promoting professions in construction sector, also collaborated with the organisers as an event partner for the first time. General Manager of CTech Sdn Bhd Rodney Cheong said, “This is new knowledge to the Brunei market, because we have an issue of soft soil, so conventionally in Brunei we are very restricted to a very limited range of solutions. This will explain the scope of the solution set and provide a new way to solve existing problems.

“By sharing this knowledge openly, the engineering community can consider it as an option and then from there can derive the costing and see whether it makes sense or not,” he added.

ABOVE & BELOW: Geotechnical Consultant from Germany Jorg Klompmaker faciliates the seminar; and attendees at the event. PHOTOS: DANIAL NORJIDI