Repent and show remorse for wrongdoings: Imams

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon highlighted the importance of repentance and showing remorse for past wrongdoings.

“All humans commit errors and faults, whether they are deliberate or not. As Muslims, we should immediately seek forgiveness, show remorse and mindfulness, and be determined not to repeat those mistakes and wrongdoings,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Those who are aware of all their wrongdoings and faults should hasten their repentance without delay, because Allah the Almighty will always accept the repentance of His servants, as long as they are still living.

“There are some Muslims who say that they fear Allah the Almighty and His torment, but they are still unconcerned, preoccupied and distracted, that they do not hesitate to disobey Him by committing sinful acts, wrongs and vices.

“Let us not be ashamed, afraid or proud to repent of all wrongdoings and faults. Together, we pray that we be counted among those who constantly repent and purify themselves from all sins and vices, and be admitted into Paradise with His mercy.”