Preparing for life after graduation

Wani Roslan

Completing studies at university is part of the transformative experience and achievement for all graduates as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

All the struggles and obstacles faced throughout their studies teach graduates to be more independent and committed, and enable them to think out of the box and change their perspective.

Students from the Religious Teachers University College of Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) who will graduate today shared some of the challenges they faced while studying and planning their future ahead.

Haji Mohammad Ali Wafiuddin bin Haji Osman, a graduate with Higher National Diploma in Religious Education said, “Balancing my time and priorities has always been a huge challenge for me. At KUPU SB, we have our studies and also co-curriculum and we have to excel in both for us to pass the semester.”

While studying, Haji Mohammad Ali Wafiuddin was actively involved with activities outside KUPU SB. He regularly attended Karate training at the Indoor Stadium, took part in choir performances and was also involved in one of the committees of Kampong Lumapas Mosque Youth, Ashabul Akhyar.

He highlighted the biggest challenge was balancing everything. “Alhamdulillah, all I had to do was to set all of my activities into my calendar so that I could manage my time, and when I studied, I had to find the best way to study efficiently.”

Afifah binti Haji Gapor, who is graduating with a Master’s degree in Islamic Literature, in a group photo. PHOTO: WANI ROSLAN

Touching on his plans after graduation, he said, “I will try to find a job but at the same time creating my own job, Insya Allah. I’ve been working on a type of service business for tausyeh, qasidah and nasyid performance and at the same time, trying to bring some of my friends together to teach Al-Quran – not only on how to read Al-Quran, but how to understand and implement the teachings into our daily life.

“I am not focussing on finding a job, but trying to create a job. We’re too focussed on trying to find a job until we end up with no jobs for a couple of years. I’m not saying we should stop trying to find a job, but I always look at things from a different perspective. If we can’t find a solution in one way, we should find a solution in a different way.

“We are still facing problems in our society, and if we can find a solution to those problems, we can make the solution a product for our business, and there we can also gain income.”

Haji Mohammad Ali Wafiuddin believes that regardless of how much effort we put into finding/creating a job, at the end of the day, Allah the Almighty is the one who grants us rizq, and as we seek ease in our path of finding a job, we should ask for His help, Insya Allah.

Meanwhile, Afifah binti Haji Gapor, who is graduating with a Master’s degree in Islamic Literature, shared that time management was one of main obstacles, along with a hostel life full of activities. She needed to split her time between study and activities.

Having pursued her studies further from a Bachelor’s degree in Syariah to a Master’s degree in Islamic Literature, she noted that she needed to be more committed, as the Master’s programme was more in-depth and she had to redo her thesis topic repeatedly.

Alhamdulillah, my lecturers, family and friends continued to support me through my ups and downs and it motivated me to finish up my thesis,” she said.

Afifah, who is currently working part-time at Tarindak D’Seni, highlighted that her passion is to be a teacher and she wants to influence and share her knowledge – especially to the younger generation.

Meanwhile, Anisah binti Alamshah, a graduate with a Degree in Religious Teaching (Usuluddin) shared that she had a similar obstacle during study – time management.

She had to divide her time, with 90 per cent focussed on study, revision, meeting the lecturers, reading books and writing; and the other 10 per cent spent on personal life and being with family and friends.

Going forward, she wants to further her studies and get a PhD. She also has a dream to be actively involved with organisations such as the Brunei Poets Community and to produce hundreds of works, as well as to create a ‘Book House’ for book lovers and be a lecturer.