Polish Supreme Court rejects PiS demand to recount Senate vote

WARSAW (Xinhua) – The Polish Supreme Court announced on Tuesday it was rejecting a request by governing Law and Justice (PiS) to recount votes for the Senate in one district in Poland.

Following elections on October 13, PiS lost control of the Senate, in which the opposition now holds 51 seats compared to 48 of PiS and allies.

Last Tuesday, PiS challenged the election results of the Senate race in six separate districts. Last week, the State Electoral Commission issued an opinion saying that it does not think the PiS complaints had any merit, but it is the Supreme Court which ultimately decides whether there will be a recount.

The Supreme Court ruled on the first among the six complaints, concerning a district in south-western Poland including the towns of Tychy and Myslowice.

The Senate race was won by Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka from the left-wing alliance, who got 64,172 votes, while the PiS candidate Czeslaw Ryszka received 61,823. Over 3,700 votes were declared invalid.

PiS wrote that “establishing that 10 per cent of the votes were incorrectly nullified, when they really should have been considered as votes for PiS”.