Netanyahu aides questioned in possible witness harassment

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police are reportedly investigating whether two senior aides to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harassed a witness in a corruption case.

Channel 13 TV said Ofer Golan and Jonathan Urich were both recently questioned and their phones have been confiscated.

It said Golan hired a van in August to park outside the home of Shlomo Filber, blaring a message “to be a man” and stop lying about Netanyahu.

Filber, a former Netanyahu aide, is a key witness in a case in which Netanyahu is accused of giving favours to a telecom magnate in exchange for flattering coverage on a news site.

In a statement on Monday, police and justice officials said witness harassment is extremely serious.

Urich reportedly told police the van was a campaign stunt and Netanyahu was not involved.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. PHOTO: AFP