Maintenance needed at Tasek Lama

I have enjoyed living in Brunei Darussalam for the last four years.

One of my favourite places is Tasek Lama Recreational Park. The area is a local hotspot for exercising during the early morning and late afternoon. It is so popular that one would have trouble finding parking in the area.

I sometimes take my children to the playground there. However, during the last few years, maintenance has been at a bare minimum and the playground equipment are broken. I consider it too dangerous for them to play there. It is not just the playgrounds but the climbing wall, the observation tower, the walk ways and the Japanese garden are poorly maintained. It is such a shame as Tasek Lama has one of the few playgrounds that offer shade during daytime.

Can the authorities look into this and make Tasek Lama to what it used to be?

Tasek Lama lover

The writer finds it a shame that Tasek Lama Recreational Park’s amenities are not well maintained. PHOTO: LASRAZ