Local jailed 16 months for theft

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court handed 16 months’ imprisonment to a local man for three counts of theft, upon conviction of his own guilty plea on Monday.

According to DPP Aeny Zullizam in court, a victim who was making his way home in Kampong Lambak at 9.31pm on October 12, 2019 saw the defendant, Mokhsin bin Durahman, 41, walking with a green wheel-barrow having yellow wheels and a load covered with white plastic bag.

Upon arriving at his house, the victim saw his neighbours and cousins outside. He approached them and was told there was an abandoned bicycle outside his house. The police was called for a house inspection.

Upon inspecting the house, the occupants discovered that a green wheelbarrow with yellow tyres (belonging to the victim’s father) had gone missing.

The victim said he had seen the defendant, and the victim with his two brothers immediately set off in search of the defendant.

One of the brothers saw the defendant, approached him and asked where he had got the wheelbarrow from.

The defendant said it belonged to a friend, before running off to the nearby bushes. The three brothers gave chase, caught the defendant and handed him over to the police.

Police investigations revealed that at 7pm that night, the defendant was walking around Kampong Lambak when he saw and approached the victim’s house.

Seeing that no one around, he loaded the wheel-barrow with four car wheels and left.

Investigations also led to the discovery that the defendant had gone to MTSSR bungalow in Jalan Muara by car with two others, at noon on October 6, 2019. The defendant and company took with them a window type air-conditioner, a small fridge and a gold decorative flower.

As the defendant was leaving the compound, the house occupant who was visiting her residence, saw the car in her compound and took a picture of it.

She saw people going in and leaving the compound. The house owner filed a police report.

Acting Chief Magistrate Azrimah binti Abdul Rahman presided over the case.