KIGS graduates share stories on success, struggles

Lyna Mohamad

It was a day of celebration for graduates at Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) Convocation Ceremony, held at the International Convention Centre in Berakas last weekend.

The jubilant graduates shared their journey with the Bulletin.

Nur Hidayah binti A Hidup, who graduated with an Electronic Media Production certificate, said, “My interests are in writing and the movie-making process. When I found out that KIGS offered a programme on Electronic Media Production, I decided to pursue the course.”

Nur Hidayah is pursuing a diploma in advertising, multimedia and broadcasting, choosing to stay at KIGS in view of the supportive lecturers and seniors.

She discussed her issues with time management, and the challenge of creating an hour-long radio talk show as part of a group project.

The group was tasked with making jingles for radio, 30 second advertisement, a five-minute news anchor (individually) and a five minute short film video. Past the struggles, she was satisfied with the results of this assignment.

Meanwhile, fellow coursemate Kasyfur Rahman bin Haji Johari initially opted for an arts programme, but eventually chose electronic media production after taking into consideration his background in videography and photography. “There are plenty of learning equipment and material provided at the college, and that is why I chose to enroll. Additionally, the college is close to where I work part-time.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) graduates Kasyfur Rahman bin Haji Johari, Nur Hidayah binti A Hidup, Nurul Amal Hamidah Addina Athirah Muntassir, Nurul Majeedah binti Mahdini and Haji Mohammad Firdaus bin Haji Hanafiah. PHOTOS: MUIZ MADANI

Completing assignments on time was a challenge, as he only had the weekends to complete them. However, this allowed him to improve his time management and English Language skills.

He is also thankful for the strong support from family, friends and lecturers.

Also sharing his story with the Bulletin was Haji Mohammad Firdaus bin Haji Hanafiah, who graduated in BA of Business, and was the recipient of the Pengiran Setia Jaya Excellence Award and Faculty Best Student Awards. “Should the opportunity arise, I’d prefer to work and pursue my Master’s degree simultaneously as it accelerates the application of concepts learnt from academia into real life situations – since we’re living in a continuously evolving competitive world,” said Haji Mohammad Firdaus.

He sees himself venturing into entrepreneurship, with an eye on the untapped potential of the agricultural sector humanity.

Responding to the traits required by a job hunter, he said it is necessary to “have a purpose, as having an intention will help us create a path to a better future.”

Nurul Amal Hamidah Addina Athirah Muntassir, a Business Degree graduate, has opted to work after graduating to get work experience and develop skills before pursuing her Masters. However, she too has hey eyes on venturing into the world entrepreneurship.

On the rising unemployment rate, she said, “One of the reasons jobs are being offered to foreigners is because companies are not sure of locals’ capabilities, while wage is another factor.”

Meanwhile, Nurul Majeedah binti Mahdini who graduated with an Arts and Design certificate shared that her passion for arts allows her to express all her feelings through drawing.

She plans to continue her studies in the same programme, and one day introduce creative arts and highlight its importance to the younger generation.