Guidance for new Muslim converts

Azlan Othman

The Religious Affairs Office, the Dakwah Propagation Division and the Islamic Studies Department in the Temburong District held a mobile propagation service for new Muslim converts in Temburong District yesterday.

The programme was held at Kampong Sibut Religious Hall, Kampong Selangan Mosque, Utama Mohammad Salleh Mosque, Kampong Selapon Islamic Da’wah Centre and Kampong Semabat Religious Hall.

The community project aims to activate the role of religious teachers in the district by contributing to the society as educators and a point of reference for new converts in the Temburong District.

The programme targets converts who have long converted to Islam but are still weak in following religious activities and practices.

Thirty-two instructors from the Islamic Da’wah Centre comprising propagation officers from the Islamic Da’wah Centre, Islamic Studies Department and 42 new Muslim converts were involved.

A religious instructor attends to a convert. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN