Growth of Young Leaders

Aidah Sahirin

Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Secondary School (SM YSHHB) has been invited to join the 3rd Y LEAD Seminar organised by River Valley High School. It runs for a week starting from July 21 in Singapore. A total of 10 students and one teacher participated in the seminar.

The theme for Y LEAD seminar is ‘[email protected]’. The seminar’s main objective is to equip youth with leadership skills to face the fast evolving and transforming world of tomorrow. Y LEAD Seminar 2019 aims to empower youth to become future leaders who realise that the actions of individuals and governments, along with the developments in society as well as science and technology, will all have an impact on how the future plays out. The event allowed participants to learn about leadership skills as they had the opportunities to work and lead their peers during the seminar.

During their time in Singapore, SM YSHHB representatives from a mix of 10 Science, 10 Arts, and 9 Fast had the chance to visit Singapore SEA at Sentosa Island by themselves, along with trips to Maritime Gallery, Mobility Gallery and Harmony in Diversity Gallery. They were shown various aspects of Singapore; their maritime management, transportation system and how they live together in harmony despite their differences in culture, religion and race. Besides the trips, the seminar was also filled with activities and games that require teamwork. This skill is highlighted in most games such as having a blind folded person, legs tied together, or one that must hop on one leg. Having ‘flaws’ in each team, they need to have good communication and connection among all team members to complete a task.

All geared up for the first day of activities at River Valley High School!