Greek plastic modellers survive debt crisis with rising youth interest

ATHENS (Xinhua) – Greek plastic modellers survived the debt crisis with more young blood taking up the hobby, as demonstrated at an expo here this weekend.

A total of 772 models were put on display in the 38th national modelling expo and competition held from October 25-27, attracting thousands of spectators.

Despite the decade-long economic crisis, the number of hobbyists in Greece has not dwindled, said Chairman of the Greek branch of the International Plastic Modellers’ Society Giorgos Giannopoulos, noting that more “young blood” is taking up the hobby in recent years.

“Interest is on the rise,” Giannopoulos said. The number of participants in the junior category aged six to 12 is increasing in recent years. More than 100 models were submitted by elementary school pupils, he said. The hobby is not expensive. It offers opportunities for children to study history and make friends, while adults can enjoy it to relieve stress.

President of an association of modellers from the western port city of Patras and one of the participants this year Panagiotis Zarkadis took up the hobby as a kid, forgot about it as a university student and started building models again with his son.