Girl Guide members grateful for chance to contribute

Lyna Mohamad

As one of the Special Appreciation Award recipients at the Girl Guides Day yesterday, Hajah Siti Mariam binti Haji Abdullah expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to the Girl Guides Association of Brunei Darussalam (PPPBD).

Although she has retired as a teacher, Hajah Siti Mariam is still very much into girl guides activities as she has a keen interest in girl guides, having gained experience and knowledge throughout her services.

The most valuable to her was being given the opportunity to attend courses and workshops locally and abroad and being actively involved in beneficial activities such as community and charity projects, lending a helping hand to orphans, and single mothers and many more.

“I hope to share the knowledge and experience I have gained during the past 30 years with the new generation,” said Hajah Siti Mariam.

Meanwhile, 20-year service recipient of the Long Service Gold Badge, Hajah Fatimah binti Haji Abdul Ghani, is grateful and delighted to be honoured with the award for her involvement and contribution in religious activities in PPPBD.

Also a retired civil servant, Hajah Fatimah was appointed as PPPBD’s Spiritual Commissioner while working at the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) and has grown fond of the association and keeps herself active at her retiring age, stressing on the amazing teamwork they have among them.

ABOVE & BELOW: Hajah Siti Mariam binti Haji Abdullah, Hajah Fatimah binti Haji Abdul Ghani, Azanah binti Haji Ahad and Idayu binti Haji Ismail. PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

A brownie member during her childhood years, Hajah Fatimah initially was invited to lead the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa during royalty attendance. Later, she was permanently appointed as a member, heading the religious section of the association where she delegates any religious activities of the association.

A teacher at Lambak Kanan Jalan 49 Primary School, Azanah binti Haji Ahad began to be involved in girl guides since day one of her teaching career at the school and has brought her students to actively engage in girl guide activities. A recipient of the 15-year Long Service Silver Badge, she noted that throughout her 15 years, a lot has affected her including the challenging ones, yet learning through it has given her valuable knowledge that she can apply at school.

One notable challenge was when having to prepare for a camping activity, the struggle and the hard work.

But at the end of the day, to see the children enjoying and happy and seeing them interacting while having fun, it was really a blessing, she said.

“I would like to record my special thanks to the Chief Commissioner for believing in our school and through her guidance we were able to lift up the school’s name and guide the students into becoming good and excellent, also to all commissioners and leaders of PPPBD for the guidance,” Azanah said.

Long Service Bronze Badge recipient Idayu binti Haji Ismail is the administrative officer at the association headquarters.

“I used to be a girl guide during my primary school years but not during my secondary years, hence when I was offered a post at the headquarters, I was delighted to accept it as my interest in girl guide activities has never died since I left it during my final year at primary school.”

Idayu, who handles administrative affairs of the association, shared that her most memorable experience was partaking in a camping activity in Selangor, Malaysia, where she supervised the girl guide members from Brunei at the four-day and three-night event.

“The knowledge and experience add up my knowledge more in the world of girl guides, something that I did not get the opportunity to gain during my involvement as a girl guide member, especially on survival tips and how to become an excellent girl guide,” said Idayu.

The ceremony yesterday saw 25 award recipients in various categories including three recipients of the Lifelong Award of members who continuously support PPPBD projects and activities.