Germans flock to Frankenstein Castle for spooky Halloween

FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE, GERMANY (AP) — Medieval Frankenstein Castle has become a favourite haunt for Germans celebrating Halloween, a tradition that’s grown increasingly popular in continental Europe in recent years.

The crumbling castle, located 35 kilometres south of Frankfurt, has been staging spooky festivals since 1977 featuring monsters, gore and spine-chilling live shows. Last Saturday night, about 2,500 revellers — many in costumes — flocked to the castle, where they were entertained by 130 actors.

While the castle’s name reminds some of English novelist Mary Shelley’s 19th-Century book about the man who creates a monster, historians are skeptical that it actually inspired the author.

The House of Frankenstein is believed to have first built a castle at the site in the mid-13th Century.

An actor stands on a wall of the medieval Frankenstein Castle about 35 kilometres south of Frankfurt, Germany. PHOTO: AP