Course leaves 16 tour guides on better footing

Wani Roslan

Sixteen participants of the Tourist Guide Basic Course were awarded certificates at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) yesterday.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the MPRT Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali was the guest of honour.

The 10-day course ran from September 16-25. The course was introduced three years ago as a prerequisite of Tourism Development Department to obtain a tourist guide licence in the country.

A total of 215 tour guides have registered under the Tourism Development Department since the introduction of the course, which is conducted in collaboration with Laksamana College of Business.

Participants were introduced to basic practical skills and techniques of tour guide, introduction to main tourist destinations and places of interests. The course aimed to increase the tour guides skills in providing quality service and meeting requirement standards, ensure information provided by tour guide are accurate, and open up opportunities for employment for local youth.

Tour guides are needed in the tourism sector, and it is importance that they play their roles in disseminating accurate information.

It is an offence for an individual to operate tour guide services without a valid licence, lacking which they can be fined based on the Tourism Order, 2016.

The Tourism Development Department invites jobseekers to take the course offered, with registration open in early 2020.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Tourism) at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali presents a certificate. PHOTO: WANI ROSLI