Cosmetic product found adulterated

The Ministry of Health (MoH) alerted the public to a cosmetic product tested by the Pharmacy Section, Department of Scientific Services, MoH and found to be adulterated with undeclared, potent western medicines.

The release stated that the product is RYX Skincerity – Rejuvenating Serum, manufactured by RYX Skincerity, the Philippines, which was found to contain Tretinoin.

The adulterants found in the product can cause adverse effects that are potentially hazardous. Tretinoin is used in western prescription medicines to treat skin conditions and is prohibited in skincare cosmetic products under the Medicines (Cosmetic Products) Regulations, 2007.

Inappropriate use of tretinoin could lead to redness, peeling and scarring of the skin.

Members of the public who have purchased or used these products are advised to stop using them immediately. They should also consult a medical practitioner if they feel unwell or experience any undesirable reactions as a result of using them.

Retail of the product (including online retail) is an offence under the Medicines (Cosmetic Products) Regulations, 2007.

The penalty for contravening these regulations upon conviction, is a fine not exceeding BND5,000, imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.

The MoH called upon the public for their cooperation to report to the Compliance and Licensing Section if any of these products are still found in the market in the country.

For information and communication, the public can contact the Compliance and Licensing Section at 2393298 extension 208; send an e-mail to [email protected]; visit 1st Floor, Compliance and Licensing Section, Department of Pharmaceutical Services’ Building, Kampong Madaras, Mukim Gadong ‘A’; or call the Darussalam line 123.

RYX Skincerity – Rejuvenating Serum. PHOTO: MOH