Conveniently safe with a touch of luxury

Richman is Singapore’s leading brand when it comes to watch winder technology.

Richman Luxury is a retail store established in Singapore that specialises in watch winders and luxury watch winder safes for automatic watches.

The Richman Watch Winder Safe satisfies more than security needs, it also offers the convenience of accessing all their important items in one secure spot, a hub where you securely store daily necessities such as car keys, wallet and phone.

Important items that aren’t accessed daily but always need to be at the ready, like passports, precious metals, family heirlooms and important documents and most importantly your luxury timepieces can also be stored in this elegant safe.Equipped with cutting-edge features that streamline its use and coupled with the thoughtful inclusion of luxurious materials, the Richman safe functions as beautifully as it looks while the Richman watch winder focusses on the health of your watch with patented innovation.

The winders are quiet as they incorporate total silent-running Japanese motors that will not grind, while the motor is protected against electrical emissions to prevent your timepiece from becoming magnetised.

The Richman Watch Winder Safe. PHOTO: RICHMAN LUXURY

Its patented rotation programmes use intermittent rotation with pause and sleep pre-programmed phases.

The winders allows the turns per day (TPD) to be programmable for each watch, from 650 to 1950 TPD. This ensures your timepiece turns precisely the set TPD no matter it’s weight.

The direction of turn is also programmable, clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional.

The safe is password-protected and has fingerprint functions with a patented design that safely secures your watch.

It is also fireproof and has 100 per cent UL verified burglar protection.

Richman’s line of Luxury Watch Winder Safes is the perfect place to protect and maintain your fine luxury timepieces.

Richman has become world renowned for outstanding watch winders because of the sophisticated technology and reliability built into each and every winder.

Richman is proud to offer it’s design and make each winder turn with patented perfection. Richman’s handmade watch winders work with all automatic watches, vintage or new and will ensure the perfect wind, every time.