I can’t be unauthentic: Selena Gomez

BANG! NEWS – According to Selena Gomez, she simply “can’t be unauthentic” in her music.

The 27-year-old singer – who has touched on her own relationship heartbreak in her new single, Lose You to Love Me – has insisted she couldn’t write a song that didn’t chime with her real-life self.

Reflecting on her new single, Selena – whose track is rumoured to be about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber – told E! News, “I wrote this song over a year ago. It’s obviously a very emotional song for me.

“It’s interesting to see how far I’ve come from that point to now. Me sharing my story is exactly what I’ve always done. I can’t be unauthentic. I can’t pretend that I’m not going through something when it’s obvious that I had been.”

Selena – who was involved in an on/off relationship with Justin over a number of years – hopes her fans can relate to her new single.

She shared, “It’s one of those songs where I just feel like it’s out, it’s released and I hope that girls and guys all over the world can feel supported. That’s a feeling everyone’s felt.

“That was something that I needed to do for myself regardless of what was (going to) come after.”