Brunei records 117 tobacco offences in three months

James kon

A total of 117 offences under the Tobacco Order, 2005 were recorded from July to September this year.

The offences also include one case under Section 12 (3) which is selling tobacco products without licence where the offender, a foreign worker, was slapped with a BND500 fine.

Other offences include 110 cases under Section 14(2) which is smoking in prohibited places where the offenders were issued fines.

Six other offences were under Section 10(1) of Tobacco Order, 2005 which is smoking by teenagers under the age of 18.

They were ordered to participate in the quit smoking programme.

The latest figures were released by Ministry of Health in a statement yesterday.

From the total number of offences in the three months, 111 are males and six are females. Six are second time offenders who were levied with a BND500 fine each.

Of the offences under Tobacco Order, 2015 from January to September, 443 cases were recorded while 427 compound fines were issued by the Health Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Health.

The Tobacco Order, 2005 and its regulations prohibit smoking in public places to control smoking and to protect the public from exposure to second hand smoking.

Stern actions is taken against who are smokers or vape users in prohibited areas by Health Enforcement Unit officers. A first time offender is issued a compound fine of BND300 for smoking in prohibited places while for the subsequent offence, a compound fine of BND500 is levied.

Under Tobacco Order, 2005, managers of premises are required to put up and display ‘no smoking’ signs at strategic areas and also take the responsibility to ensure that customers and the public do not smoke in the premises.

Manager of the premises can face fine of BND500 for failing to do so.

The Ministry of Health reminded the public to not to smoke in public places including government buildings, shopping complexes, markets, sidewalks of shops, stalls, and bus station.

The public should also refrain from smoking at restaurants, food premises and within six metres from building where smoking is prohibited.

Smokers and vape users are urged to quit thier habit to prevent themselves, family and the public being affected by diseases associated with smoking or vaping like lung cancer, heart diseases, stroke, and asthma.

Health Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Health will continue operation under the enforcement of Tobacco Order, 2005 and will take stern action and Issue compound fines to anyone violating the order.

To lodge complaints contact hotline 7192005 or email to [email protected]