Avoid power wastage, wiring modification, Imams say

Azlan Othman

Bruneians were urged to avoid power wastage or excessive use and cautioned against tampering with electrical wiring and metre through modification.

Imams in the Friday sermon said electricity tariff enjoyed by the people and given by the government is subsidised, without which such tariff rate would be far higher.

“We should be grateful to the government for providing such a facility. Imagine if such power supply is not available; it will bring discomfort. As users, we should avoid wastage. As Muslims, we should avoid excessive usage. The government spends huge allocations for such provision.” Imams also spoke of individuals who tamper with the metre or divert electrical wiring – ignoring the safety as well as Halal /Haram aspect of it – to reduce their utility bills.

Such irresponsible acts affect the nation’s revenue and brings loss to the nation. The nation will thus collect less revenue. Such act (wiring modification and extension) also endanger life and leads to loss of property in the event of a fire mishap,” they said.

“We will not receive blessings if sincerity and honesty are put aside. These values are crucial to uphold oneself from sins and vice. Any act that is against the teachings of Islam should be stopped and corrected before it is too late,” they added.