ASEAN, Korean teachers to boost cooperation

James Kon

The 35th ASEAN Council of Teachers +1 (ACT+1) Convention, hosted by the Brunei Malay Teachers Association (PGGMB) at the Parkview Hotel from September 28-29, concluded with a resolution aimed at boosting cooperation among teachers in ASEAN and Korea.

The resolution was agreed on and confirmed by the heads of delegations at the convention, including PGGMB President Haji Antin bin Ahad.

The resolution stated the need to enhance and strengthen cooperation among ASEAN member countries and Korea to improve the quality of education; increase opportunities for teachers to be actively involved in physical and virtual mobility among ASEAN member countries and Korea; encourage the deployment of teachers in other ASEAN member countries and Korea; continue and expand the existing ASEAN-Korea mobility of teacher programmes; and expand the scope of the teachers’ recognition and award presentations based on their quality and professionalism.

In addition, it called for the enhancement of an ASEAN-Korea network of teacher in-service training system, which would consist of an in-service training centre teacher assessment and a merit-based promotion and remuneration system; and the increased participation of cultural exchange programmes that would provide opportunities to explore cultures, traditions and languages of other countries.

The teaching standards are to be accredited by all ASEAN member countries and Korea, along with the formulation of common mobility guidelines to improve the performance and productivity of teachers and the sharing of best practices to help organisations fill knowledge gaps, improve efficiency and encourage leadership.

Heads of the 35th ACT+1 Convention with the resolution. PHOTO: JAMES KON

The heads of delegations at the 35th ACT +1 Convention believe that the mobility of ASEAN-Korean teachers will strengthen partnership in improving teacher quality. It also provides a teacher exchange programme where qualified teachers will have a perfect opportunity to share ideas and knowledge, as well as learn about educational practices from different countries.

It was also agreed that teacher education must emphasise cultural understanding and an awareness of contextual differences in the education system to prepare teachers for regional mobility, while teacher learning is a continuous process that promotes their teaching skills, the mastery of new knowledge and the development of new proficiency, which in turn will help improve student learning. The establishment of various teacher learning Institutions provides a very strong platform in producing high standards of quality teachers.

The ASEAN-Korean differences in terms of cultural, social, economic and religious background do not hinder the common aspirations of achieving the highest standard of education.

The 35th ASEAN Council of Teachers +1 Convention (ACT+1) was attended by delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and the the Philippines, with Brunei Darussalam as the host.