Allow joint operations with neighbouring countries for search and rescue at sea

With reference to ‘Two fishermen rescued, nine others still missing’ published in the Borneo Bulletin in August 10, we are grateful to the efforts of the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) as well as the Malaysian Navy and Air Force for their efforts in the search and rescue operations.

As mentioned in the news, the fishermen were rescued when their boat capsised in Malaysian waters. Two were found alive but one died in the hospital. The rest remained missing.

I would like to raise my concern why our local search and rescue teams did not make a joint operation to search for the victims?

Is it because of jurisdictions?

To avoid any issues in future incidents, perhaps our local search and rescue teams could have an agreement with their counterparts in neighbouring countries.

This could speed up any red tape and allow them to get to the scene faster.

This can save people stranded at sea as time is of the essence.

Local observer