Algerians protest bill to boost foreign money in oil sector

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) – Thousands of Algerians are protesting in front of their Parliament against a bill aimed at attracting foreign investment to the oil and gas sector, which underpins the national economy.

Surrounded by police, protesters raised their fists and accused the government of selling out Algeria’s resources and threatening their children’s futures.

The bill has further angered anti-democracy protesters who have been demonstrating since February.

The government discussed the bill yesterday. It argues that Algeria needs foreign investment to modernise the sector and make it more globally competitive. State-run gas and oil giant Sonatrach said the bill is needed to simplify Algeria’s tax system.

Protest organisers include professor Noureddine Bouderba, who accused Algeria’s provisional government of offering favours to foreign companies in exchange of political support ahead of December’s presidential election.