‘A Letter For You, Netizen’

Azlan Othman

Local rap group Guardian of Rhythm recently released their new single titled Surat Untukmu Netizen (‘A Letter For You, Netizen’) – a three-minute and 36-second song that focusses on the impact of the Internet on today’s society.

For the latest release – produced by Hepta Records and composed by producer Spook – Guardian of Rhythm completed recording earlier this month. After months of production work, the single is now ready to be heard on airwaves of local radio stations.

Khai Tanda, one half of the Guardian of Rhythm duo, said, “The song is the definition of who we are as people who are currently active in using the Internet, be it to read the news or spread awareness. As it is easy to access, it still requires the user to think and understand if any of the contents that are available on the Internet are worthy or not to be spread or shared.

“Thus, the song was created to appeal to the younger generation and to make sure that anything that has been presented is relatable to the public audience.”

The talented artistes mix and blend their songs to accommodate a modern rap sound with local slang and a sprinkling of English words into the mixture, with a focus in mind to tell stories through their unique approach in song writing.

Aziz and Khai of the Guardian of Rhythm. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

The duo’s ‘culture rap’ vibe resonates into the ears of local Bruneians who can relate themselves to each song that they wrote and produced themselves, supported by their producer from Hepta Records, Spook.

Commenting on the release, the other half of the duo, Aziz Mad Medic said, “Finally we are releasing a new song after a year of rest and it feels great. To think it’s loved by everyone; we have achieved and surpassed our previous work.”

He added, “It’s true what they say – patience is a virtue. The music industry has evolved to a point where you will be like, ‘is this local or foreign?’ I believe we can be at the same standard as other artistes around the world.”

Aziz Mad Medic highlighted that support should be the backbone of every entertainer in the country, adding that this is how every country outside Brunei Darussalam is highly successful on achieving their dreams, from music to the film industry.

“I believe if we push ourselves further and with a bigger support organisation, our names will be on the tips of every tongue of the world,” he said. “Believe and be greater than good.”

Khai Tanda, meanwhile, said he was happy because they are another step closer to making Guardian of Rhythm’s dream a reality, which is to be able to present a song at its best quality and to share it with the public audiences.

“The music industry is always growing here in Brunei, slowly but surely. Most of the Bruneian artistes now are able to represent Brunei with quality content songs inside and outside the country,” they said.

“Performing in a foreign land is probably the biggest achievement that our local artistes can get at the moment.

“We do hope the young generation will get inspired by our journey in pursuing music. It’s a healthy activity and will boost the creative minds, and create a career path in the entertainment industry,” they added.