148 students achieve outstanding IGCSE results

A total of 148 Year 11 students at Jerudong International School (JIS) achieved outstanding results at the International GCSE (IGCSE) examinations. The results surpassed last year’s, and continued showing a steady increase year on year for the past four years.

The IGCSE exams are designed to stretch the most able and better prepare students for the A-Level or International Baccalaureate courses studied in the sixth form.

Grade A* (or Level 9 and 8) were awarded for 40.4 per cent of all grades.

A total of 62.98 per cent of the 1,085 grades awarded were either an A* or an A (Level 9, 8 or 7).

This is an increase from 2018 where 58.9 per cent of grades were A*/A. There were also some extremely strong subject performances across the school with over 85 per cent of Physics, Chinese and Foreign Language Malay grades awarded at A/A* Grades (Level 9-7).

Over 80 per cent of IGCSE Chemistry, Biology and Music were A or A* Grades (Level 9-7). Bruneians Jasia Azreen and Isabel Loh both excelled with 10 A* / Level 8/9 as did Ananya Agarwal from India. Aditi Chattopadhyay, Toby Harris, Wng Ho, Mustafa Mirza and Lucy Sa all achieved 9 A*.

Meanwhile, Wei Chia, Eleanor Downey, Kayla Ho, Syawal Iskandarshah, Adilah Jofri, Stephen Klock, Rai Ren Lee, Rania Lim, Ammar Mohieldin, Natasha Sia, Fiona Yeo, Nikola Sitorus and Muhammad Yusoof all achieved 8 A* .

An additional eight students achieved 7 A* (Level 8 or 9) – Haadiya Ahmed, Evan Chiam, Wisya Hamita, Li Yang Lau, Natsune Nishi, SM Ashraf Rabiul, Amal Saiful Rizal and Alania Tambrin. JIS Principal Nicholas Sheehan said, “The school aim is to ‘Achieve Excellence’. Our desire is to see students become the very best that they can be. The students and teachers are extremely proud of their IGCSE results. My congratulations to our IGCSE students, their families and teachers!”

Some of the students who achieved outstanding IGCSE results. PHOTOS: JIS