Utah police use sirens to drive bear up tree for relocation

OREM, Utah (AP) — Utah police used their vehicle sirens to drive a two-year-old bear up a tree after its presence in a northern Utah town caused traffic delays on Wednesday morning.

State Division of Wildlife Re-sources spokeswoman Faith Heaton Jolley said division personnel then were able to tranquilise the bear and catch it in a large net when it fell out of the tree.

Jolley said the brown-coloured black bear was placed in a trap in the bed of a pickup truck and driven to the Wasatch Mountains, where it was released. Pictures show him jumping out of the truck and running away.

Jolley says it is unusual for a bear to be roaming city streets that are several miles away from mountains east of the city where wildlife biologists think it came from.

A two-year-old bear on a tree in Orem, Utah. PHOTO: AP