Tips on how not to tip the scales

Wani Roslan

Losing weight is difficult, as is maintaining normal weight, especially for obese individuals who are struggling to change their daily diet and level of physical activity.

Many people who lose a large amount of weight regain it two to three years later, with one of the main reasons being the amount of calories they consume. However, there are some who have achieved weight loss success.

One such person is Mimi binti Hassan. After previously weighing 124kg in 2017, the mother of three managed to overcome multiple challenges to attain a healthier weight of 70kg.

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 18, Mimi lost vision in her left eye and has blurry vision in her right eye. She has to rely on Low Vision Magnifiers to see, such as when viewing things like a mobile phone screen.

“Years ago, I had high blood pressure, uncontrolled cholesterol and kidney disease. I had to undergo several surgeries for my eye and lost my vision due to diabetes,” she said.

Mimi binti Hassan. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Desperate to lose weight, Mimi tried and took almost every hot-selling weight-loss product in the market to regain her self-esteem. Unfortunately, this led to her having a damaged kidney and high blood pressure.

She became depressed for months and locked herself in her bedroom, making her husband and children concerned for her health. However, with her family’s constant support and advice, she came to a realisation.

“My husband and children are the source of my strength that helped me to change my lifestyle, and I have to be strong and continue my life for my family, my children who need me,” she said.

“I started to seek an initiative to restore my health and found Kurus Fit Online Coaching (KFOC), a health programme I joined in 2017 where I learnt how to prepare and eat healthy and clean food, and I applied that knowledge in my daily life.”

Mimi shared that the first attempt was not easy, as commitment was needed to achieve her goal of being healthy, where she had to change her food intake habits on an ongoing basis.

“Avoiding oily food, eating brown rice, cooking with natural ingredients and following certain calories needed daily became my routine and, until now, I am still looking after my food intake and calories and continue my mission towards being healthy both physically and mentally,” she said.

After controlling her food intake and doing physical activity, she managed to control her sugar level in her blood, obtain low cholesterol and become healthier.

Her advice to those who are trying to lose weight is, “Take a safe way of practising a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and do sport activities. Avoid taking any weight-loss pills or supplements because it can harm our health – I regret what I did to my health.”

She affirmed that breakfast is essential and one should not skip it. She also highlighted the importance of drinking sufficient water to release unwanted toxins in our body.

“In obtaining a balanced health, it needs 80 per cent of nutritious food intake, and 20 per cent active involvement in sport activities such as running, climbing, hiking, Zumba and others.”

It has become Mimi’s daily routine to do Zumba during weekdays with her friends, and she shared that it helps her to keep fit as she cannot do outdoor running due to her blurry vision.

After almost two years struggling to lose weight, Mimi has achieved her goal and is motivated to stay healthy and be fit. She also wants to help obese individuals stay positive and believe that they can also achieve their weight loss goals.

“I want to inspire the public with what I underwent to lose weight, and have it serve as a lesson to not be easily influenced by weight-loss products and be a knowledgeable person, and most importantly, to change eating habits towards healthy and clean eating before it is too late,” she said.

She added that full commitment, a positive mindset, changing to healthy eating habits, controlling calorie intake, and the aim to be healthy are among what can help to lose weight.

“Another important tip is not to compare yourself with others,” she said, underlining the importance of staying positive and avoiding negative things. “Lastly, focus on fat loss rather than weight loss.”