Suho reflects on future

Faruq Bostaman

EXO leader Suho was featured in the latest issue of High Cut magazine. He sat down for an interview and shared about his past seven years with EXO members, according to Soompi.

“Our youngest, Sehun, who debuted when he was in his teens, is now 26. That’s how much time has passed.

“I think each of the members has been able to show on stage the maturity gained from age. And I’m proud because they’re doing well in their own way, whether it’s doing the music that they’ve always wanted to do, or acting,” he said.

Talking about his fellow members D.O. and Xiumin enlisting in the military, Suho added that the other members feel a sense of responsibility and are doing what they can to fill in for them. He also said, “Being seen as a sort of role model, that kind of image is having a significant influence on my life.

“In real life, I’m greedy about things I really like, and I live competitively. As I slowly try different genres of music and have new experiences outside of promoting with EXO, it’s something that I’m starting to discover about myself.”

On the roles he would like to take on in the future, Suho said, “I don’t exactly have any set roles in mind.

“I just would like to portray stories about people living their lives. Stories of people around us that we see everyday, or normal stories that we’ve overlooked.”