Students attend Beijing Science Camp

Wong Chee Hong

The 2019 Beijing Science Camp for ASEAN Youth, organised by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held from July 15 – 21.

Approximately 400 students from mainland China and six ASEAN member countries (Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia) participated. The participants were divided into nine classes, with ASEAN being in the 9th Class. The representatives of Brunei included six students from Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS), BSB.

Throughout the trip, the participants attended several stimulating Science and Technology exhibitions. While visiting the National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, the participants were provided with a chance to understand more about nanoscience and its application in modern science and technology. They also visited the Beijing Science Centre where information about the life and survival of living things could be found. In addition to visiting Science and Technology exhibition, the youths sat in on educational lectures and seminars, and took part in fun sports activities, calligraphy lessons, and straw crafting.

During the closing ceremony, participants were rewarded with a certificate and memorable card printed with photos of the activities held during the conference. CHMS students also performed their prepared traditional dance, Dang Mengalai, in the Malay traditional costumes.

By participating in the science camp, the ASEAN youths got to experience Beijing’s lively environment and feel the charm of science and technology, thereby enhancing the relationships between Beijing-ASEAN youths, promoting mutual scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.

Participants from Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB during an activity