Stop harassment of females at workplaces

A close friend of mine was sexually harassed on her first day of work recently.

The assaulter was the company owner and I hope that he is punished severely to the full extent of the law.

Another friend who interned at another company also had to contend with untoward lewd comments from her male colleagues and even the boss himself.

I have also heard stories of male staff making rude gestures and lewd comments to their female colleagues in the government sector.

What are we doing to ensure that women can work safely, without any risk of sexual discrimination?

Are we doing enough?

It surely doesn’t sound so. I am very sure more women have to endure these on a daily basis.

The writer believes that more needs to be done to ensure women can work safely, without any risk of sexual discrimination

There needs to be a change in mindset, these things are not supposed to be ‘normal’.

Perpetrators, who are usually individuals in a position of power, needs to be punished severely, with no chance of redemption.

There needs to be a hotline where victims can complain about the harassment they face at the workplace.

There also needs to be a sexual offender registry, for the safety of the public.

This is not a message intended to forward a westernised ideal of feminism, this is just basic human decency. Maybe in the mindset of the abusers, since they have the power, they think it is okay to harass female employees as they are untouchable.

Do these abusers ever think?

What would they think if their sister, daughter or mother were harassed?

It’s just basic human decency, a respect for women.