Skirmishes break out in Hong Kong mall amid counter rallies

HONG KONG (AP) — Skirmishes broke out yesterday between supporters of the ongoing protests for democratic reforms in Hong Kong and supporters of the central government at a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Hundreds of pro-Beijing demonstrators sang the Chinese national anthem, waved red flags and chanted slogans at Amoy Plaza in the densely packed Kowloon district. Counterprotesters quickly gathered there, sparking tensions as the two camps heckled each other.

The situation turned chaotic with groups of people trading blows and some using umbrellas to hit their opponents. Police later moved in to defuse the situation, with several people detained.

The clashes amid the mid-autumn festival holiday came after several nights of peaceful rallies that featured mass singing at shopping malls by supporters of the months-long pro-democracy protests.

Thousands of people also carried lanterns with pro-democracy messages in public areas and formed illuminated human chains on two of the city’s peaks on Friday night to mark the major Chinese festival.

Protesters have refused to yield despite the government’s promise to withdraw an extradition bill that triggered the protests.

They have widened their demands to include direct elections for their leaders and police accountability.

Shops shuttered at Amoy Plaza after the brawls. The atmosphere remained tense as pro-democracy protesters slammed police, some who were seen hitting detainees with batons to subdue them. Local media showed minor scuffles continuing outside the mall as people left. In the northwestern suburb of Tin Shui Wai several hundred people marched on the street in defiance against a police ban on a rally in the area.

Over 1,300 people have been arrested since the protests began in early June. The unrest has further battered Hong Kong’s economy, which was already reeling from the United States (US)-China trade war.

Riot police move in after fights broke out between pro-China supporters and anti-government protesters at Amoy Plaza in the Kowloon Bay district in Hong Kong. PHOTO: AP