Simplicity at its best

Hakim Hayat

As a company that has been manufacturing cars for over a century, ŠKODA still remains one of the most innovative car manufacturers today, and this is deeply engrained at the core of the brand’s “Simply Clever” philosophy, which means that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication of ingeniously designed cars.

With the increasing number of Bruneians, especially the young looking at factors such as excellent price-performance ratio in terms of design, quality and technologies in a vehicle, ŠKODA’s arrival into the Brunei market and its addition to the portfolio of Maju Motors Sdn Bhd earlier this month could not have come at a better time.

ŠKODA originates from the Czech Republic and founded by Laurin & Klement in the year 1895, making it the third oldest car manufacturer in the world.

The reputation of ŠKODA as a maker of inexpensive but strikingly functional cars can be found in the brand’s very DNA. The “Simply Clever” philosophy not only eases customers’ lives, but also makes using and driving the car itself more intuitive and simpler.

With the alliance of ŠKODA and Volkswagen in 1991, ŠKODA cars now have the advantage of sharing the Volkswagen Group technology and parts, including a lighter and stronger chassis that Volkswagen shares across its entire range, meaning high quality cars without the high price tag.

ŠKODA’s best sellers – the seven-seater SUV Kodiaq Ambition Plus, the sedan Octavia Ambition and the powerful Octavia RS 245. PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT
The interior of the ŠKODA Octavia RS
During the pit-stop at a café in Serusop
Media and car enthusiasts in a group photo with Maju Motors Sdn Bhd staff

This is while combining generous dimensions, innovative assistance systems, comfort, powerful engines and ŠKODA-typical “Simply Clever’ features – making performance, fun and comfort synchronised like never before.

Earlier this month following a glittery showroom launch and exclusive previews to the exciting fresh line of cars into Brunei, the media and car enthusiasts were given the opportunity to experience a fun-filled test-drive with ŠKODA’s best sellers – the seven-seater SUV Kodiaq Ambition Plus, the sedan Octavia Ambition and the powerful Octavia RS 245.

The journey from ŠKODA’s showroom in Jalan Telanai towards Serusop for a pit-stop at a café and later a scenic long-drive towards the end of the Brunei Bay in Serasa beach gave us a first-hand experience and understanding of the brand’s philosophy and how this is being translated into their line of vehicles, which truly did live up to the brand’s reputation for cars built to the highest standards.

The ŠKODA Kodiaq, with a 1.4L Turbocharged engine, is the brand’s first seven-seater SUV. It looks striking as it is from the outside and this is proven with the ‘Red Dot Award’ – one of the most well-known and prestigious design competitions in the world – which it attained for its design.

With a large radiator grille and two double-headlights, it was also voted best car for big families by British Top Gear Magazine.

With a large space to accommodate large families, a generous boot and ample leg room, this car can be the perfect car for families who love road trips or simply going out together.

The brand’s sedan bestseller, the ŠKODA Octavia, has over 419,000 deliveries in 2017 alone and continues to sell fast.

The new ŠKODA Octavia generation sports a new streamlined body and wider track, making it more dynamic than ever and impresses with proven strengths and sets standards in its segment in terms of the amount of interior space, boot space, functionality, technology for safety as well as comfort.

For adrenaline lovers, the fierce Octavia RS245 with a 2.0L Turbo Charged Engine is the most powerful and most dynamic ŠKODA Octavia in the company’s history. The powerful engine and innovative chassis technology, including an electronically regulated VAQ limited-slip differential, offer the ultimate driving experience.

The compact sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds and offers economy, normal or sport driving modes to suit the mood of its driver. The ŠKODA Octavia RS 245 can also be recognised as a high-performance sportster acoustically thanks to the throaty sound of its exhaust system.

At the end of the test-drive event, Executive Director of Maju Motors Sdn Bhd Awangku Mohamad Abdul Aziz bin Pengiran Ratna Wijaya Brigadier General (Rtd) Pengiran Haji Hasnan briefly met with the participants to get their feedback on the experience and also presented certificates to mark the completion of the three-hour test-drive event.