Sheryl Crow feels ‘liberated’ by saying goodbye to the album

Kristin M Hall

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — Sheryl Crow has a lifetime of stories of hanging out with rock stars, pop stars, athletes, icons and music royalty, some even featured on her new collaborative record, but don’t expect her to start revealing any secrets in an autobiography.

“I mean, there are certain people that would have to die first in order for me to tell the real story,” Crow said in a house she had built on her property in Nashville, Tennessee.

If Crow is feeling a bit reflective about her lengthy career, it’s because she’s at a turning point, both looking backward at all those musical icons that inspired her and trying to uplift a new generation especially female rockers. Threads features more than 20 other artistes, including Keith Richards, Neil Young, Maren Morris and Stevie Nicks. Crow said it is her last full-length album and she feels “liberated”.

“I feel pretty good about this being my farewell to making full length albums,” Crow said.

And it wouldn’t be a Sheryl Crow record if she didn’t use the opportunity to speak her mind about the state of the world. Jordan suggested bringing Chuck D, one of rap’s politically and socially conscious pioneers, on a song called Story of Everything, also featuring Andra Day and Gary Clark Jr, that touches on everything from the Charleston church shooting, Congress and economic inequality across the country.

“This is the story of a lot of small towns in America,” Crow said. “It’s definitely happening in my small town where a lot of the large corporations, the factories, have all moved out.”

Crow will still be recording and putting out music and touring, but not be tied to the structure and time demands of an album. But she also wants to explore her non-musical interests as well.