Sermon talks about Day of Judgement

Lyna Mohamad

Yesterday’s Friday sermon reminded congregants about the Day of Judgement, a terrifying event when everyone will be judged according to their deeds in this world.

“It is a day promised by Allah the Almighty, that will definitely occur… and only Allah the Almighty knows when it will happen,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Indeed, no one knows when the Day of Judgment will occur, but Allah the Almighty, through His grace and mercy, has shown us the signs… so that sinners may immediately repent, and so that the faithful and pious may increase their worship and acts of charity.

“Therefore, while we are still blessed with age, health, time and other advantages, let us prepare for more acts of worship and charity as our way to happiness in the hereafter, because there is no knowing when we will be summoned by Allah the Almighty.”